Gift of memories

Picture perfect presents.

This Christmas, unwrap joy with this thoughtful present – a gift card, to have a personalised photography session with smiles & laughter will create a memories to last a lifetime. The session can be booked anytime in the next 12 months.

Buy a gift card
Christmas Gift voucher

Gift voucher Process

Step 1:

Select the value of your gift. Choose a value from $200 to $600. The amount can be used towards any photography session I offer. Ex. 150 would cover a the session fee for a family session, $250 or it would cover head shot session , and $600 would cover the entire family session .

Step 2:

Fill in your email address in the ’To’ if you wish to receive the gift card or the recipients email if you would like them to receive it, the recipient’s name, your name, your message (optional). Add to cart & then pay.

Step 3:

An email with the gift card & your message, will be sent to sent to you or the recipient – whomever’s email is entered in the ’TO’ field. You will also receive a confirmation email & a receipt of payment.

Step 4:

The recipient can contact to me to make a booking anytime within 3 years. The voucher can be used towards any photography session or product I offer.

*Please note that this card will not be redeemable for cash & its non transferable.