When people ask me what equipment I use, I tell them- my eyes. – Anonymous


Hi there

If you’re here, I am guessing you already know my name, but if, on the off chance you didn’t catch it earlier, my name is Cindy & I am a Brisbane photographer for wedding and family photography. I was born in India but have called Brisbane home for the last 30 years or so. My love for photography came about quite by accident. I studied Fine art after school and interior design a little later. I took photography as a minor subject for my interior design degree & ended up falling in love with it. I have always been the observer & the dreamer in my family – so photography came quite naturally to me. My training in art & design gave me a strong foundation in light, colour & composition. These principles helped train me to find beauty in almost everything.

I am constantly honing my craft & skills by staying on top of new photographic technology. As a photographer, I am always trying to learn new things to ensure I stay up to date with the latest trends in the photography industry.

In my journey in life so far – I’ve had my fair share of human experiences – everything from laughter, tears, love & hardships, all of which have made me who I am today. I can go on & say a lot of cliche stuff, but I am not into that. I will just say that I’d love to meet you & capture some memorable moments in your life, that you would cherish in the years to come. If you would like to read what some other kind people I’ve worked with, had to say about me, please go here. Or if you would like to get in touch with me, click the button below.