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When selecting Brisbane family photographer to have your family portrait done, it is important to have an idea of the different styles of family photography, so that you can find a photographer whose style matches your ideas. So, here a brief run down on the different styles of family photography.

Why are family photos important?

Having professional family pictures taken is an important tradition for many families. It’s a way to document life changes in the family: especially if you have young children.  And they can show how your family has grown and changed over time.

However, to be happy with your family photos, you need to have a good Brisbane family photographer and a basic idea about the kind of photo you want. To get what you consider beautiful, you need to be able to understand the different types of family photoshoots and find a family portrait photographer who can create what you want.

If you want to be able to understand what you are looking for – i.e the different styles of family portraits – so that you can communicate that to your Brisbane family photographer, here are some brief explanations on some of the different types of family photography sessions.

Location or Setting

The first thing you need to decide is the location or setting you would like to have your family photos taken in. This can be in a  Studio  or Natural (outdoor) setting.

Studio session:
In astudio family portrait session the background is usually a plain colour like black or white so that the focus is on the people in the photo without distraction from the background. Photography studio lights also help to create dynamic shots & adds to the clarity of the photo. While some people may find these photos to be a little too formal, others find them to be a great way to capture timeless memories.

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Outdoor family portraits tend to be a little bit more relaxed, casual feel with the vibrant colours of nature as a backdrop. They can have a little bit of a lifestyle feel to them. This style also makes beautiful family portraits because everyone tends to be a little more relaxed & the individual personalities shine through.

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Styles or types of family photography portraits

Formal Family photography

In the era of social media, it seems like everyone is always in a hurry to post the latest picture of themselves. Whether it’s a selfie or a group shot, people want to share images that show them in the best light possible. But there’s something special about formal family portraits – they capture a moment in time that can be looked back on for years to come. These are especially popular for extended family photos.There is a growing trend of formal family photos. These photos are typically posed and everyone or mostly all are looking at the camera & their faces are clearly visible. They can be taken in a studio setting or an outdoor location with all of the family members dressed to look their best. These types of photos of the family are great to have as a visual document of the family as they grow & change and to record the different generations within a family.

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Candid family photography

Candid family photos are sort of snapshots of life as it happens. They are supposed to be unposed and unscripted, capturing the real moments andand interactions between family members. The results look like moments frozen in time. Although they appear unposed, quite often the photographer directs the subjects to do certain activities & then captures those moments as they unfold. They are a great way to capture natural expressions & can sometimes make the best family portraits. These can also be done in the studio or outdoors.

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Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is just the name of the style of photos that depict people in everyday activities. Lifestyle photos can be taken anywhere but are often taken at home, so they are perfect for capturing everyday moments & activities of the family’s home life. The results look natural & organic. It’s a great way to document the family’s life & special moments at home. These photos can become sentimental favourites because they capture not just the family but the home too.

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Finding the right photographer

One of the reasons group photos are not the easiest thing to shoot is because the photographer needs to make sure everyone in the family photo is in focus. So, in order to get the best family photos I would suggest you find a good Brisbane family photographer. Photographers are a dime a dozen, and it can be hard to know who to choose.

One of the most important things to look for is Brisbane family photographer who is experienced in photographing families. You should also look for someone who has a good style and who can capture the personality of your family. You want someone who will make you feel at ease and will be able to capture the genuine smiles and laughter of your loved ones.

Check out the reviews left by their previous clients on their Google business page or Facebook page. Often, these will give a good insight into the kind of person the photographer is, as well as their ability.

Once select your photographer, you should clearly discuss what you want in the photos & be specific if you have specific ideas.

Cost of family photography

Family Photography prices vary based on who you hire.  An amateur photographer who considers photography a hobby will often cost less than a professional family photographer who runs a full-time photography business. But cheap is not always better – some things to consider would be- do they have experience in creating beautiful family pictures & would your family photography session be an experiment to them. If you are having the photos done to commemorate a special occasion or utilise the rare chance when the whole family are together, would you want to risk the opportunity with someone not who is a hobbyist & probably learning the finer details of the trade?

With professional photographers you might cost more because they have overheads like insurance costs, studio equipment & costs, but also because of the time they have invested in gaining the knowledge specific to their business. They also probably have more experience in knowing how to direct people to pose and how to capture the right moments that make memorable candid photos. A good Brisbane family photographer will also be familiar with the good of locations & can provide guidance on what to wear.

If you are looking for a Brisbane family photographer or would like to have a look at some of my work, please have a look at my family page on my website via the link below. Or if you would like to book a family photography session , please feel free to get in touch with me.

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